Justin Kerr

I am a first year PhD student at UC Berkeley in the AUTOLAB working on surgical robotics, grasping, and deformable object manipulation.

Previously I finished my bachelor's at CMU where I worked with Howie Choset on multi-agent path planning, and spent time at Berkshire Grey and NASA's JPL.

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I'm broadly interested in robotics: perception, motion planning, and deep learning, and currently am focusing on deformable object manipulation and surgical automation.

Personal Projects
segway Miniature self-balancing robot, built from scratch using off-the-shelf parts and able to follow waypoints using model-predictive control for balance and pure pursuit for path following.
mapping robot map Indoor mapping robot built from scratch with a cheap planar lidar which autonomously mapped my house using a Google Cartographer-inspired SLAM algorithm, alongside a grid path planner for exploration and DWA controller for path following.

Source code taken from Jon Barron's site.